Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ode To The Hot Dog

I like hot dogs in summer,
winter, and fall,
but the dogs I like best,
never hit the grill at all.
Spaatzen, Sandie, Foozeball and Peach
a little wienerdog is
never out of reach.
While they don't need
a wrap, a roll, or a bun.
They come fortified,
for a full day of fun.
You simply can't top them
No need to embellish,
and certainly not with
ketchup, mustard or relish.
They'll keep your heart warm,
but not with a fire
Dachshunds come in smooth coat,
longhair, or wire. 
Their devotion is touching,
the comedy never ceases
these cut-up hot dogs
will leave you in pieces
And though their legs may be short
Their personalities are tall
When life can't be a picnic,
with dachshunds, it's a ball.
Thank you guys!

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