Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Waited too Long

Yes, I'm afraid I waited too long to do the Sandiepoo maintenance shave. I try to keep Sandie trimmed up, because the next thing you know she is doing her impression of a dust mop. O' Cedar I say. A cute dust mop, but a dust mop just the same.
The real issue here is that her fur is terribly fine and when its long it gets matted. All I have to do is get the brush out and she's headed for the hills. Or in actuality, under my bed.
She's not coming out of there unless there is a food bribe involved. So I have found that the better way to handle this is to keep her trimmed up. She is pretty well behaved for the shaving process.
I didn't get to it like I should because, well, it was very cold out, so I delayed. The next thing you know is, wow, that's a lot of fur. I do put a sweater on her to keep her warm, but I delayed and here we are again with a very fuzzy dog. Even if I don't do the whole dog I will "trim her nose hairs" because fur grows towards her pretty eyes.
I don't know if it drives her crazy, it makes me crazy to have her fur pointing at her eyes. The good news is that Spring has sprung so the cold days will be going away, and the dachshunds will once again be soaking up the sunshine as they love to do, and Sandie wont' be so fuzzy wuzzy.
Sandipoo in the pinks.

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