Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Senior Dachshund Milestones

April is a big month, here in the land of My Three Doxsons. Miss Peaches turns 13, and Foozeball is officially 12. They are known as the"old dogs", while Sandie and Spaatz will be 9 this year
Sandie, Miss Peaches, Spaatz and Foozeball
I must say, 9 years old hardly seems like a youngster, but Sandie and Spaatz really seem like they are maybe 6 or 7. Still very active, still giving the squirrels a run for their money.The above photo shows the dogs before I gave them a little birthday treat. I realized as I was attempting to break this dog cookie up that it was very hard. Fooze had a hard time with it because he is deficient in the tooth department. Took him about 40 minutes to finish eating it, but he was a happy boy..
Fooze does live to lay in the sun. This is his favorite place to be. Dogs look so happy when they're sleeping, and at the age of 12 sleeping is his major occupation. But on to Miss Peaches.

Miss Peaches turning 13 is a huge deal because over the years we have had many a dog, I will include my in-laws dogs because we lived next door for 18 years. All of the dogs lived to be 13. Our goal is for Peachy to be the first one to make it to 14 and beyond! She made it through major back surgery a few years back and we're hoping she has a few more in her.
Unfortunately she is a little under the weather right now. She has injured her front leg. I am at the "wait and see" stage. Usually this happens when she forgets her advanced age and goes barreling down the ramp like she's going to catch a squirrel with the "young" dogs. I'll give her till tomorrow to get back to her old self, if not, it's off to the vet. For now I'm doing extra dog carrying.
Soon, I know I will be running a senior home for dachshunds. I'm halfway there now, but we will do our best to take good care of the old dogs, and Spaatz and Sandiepoo will be keeping the energy high here for now in the land of "My Three Doxsons.

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