Monday, May 20, 2019

Tag Team the Dachshunds

We actually went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing adventure to Nicaragua for our son's wedding to a wonderful girl. Her mom is from Nicaragua and the family was incredibly warm and took care of everything, which we can't thank them enough for. It was wonderful.
The trick was putting together a crew of people to stop in and let the dogs out at different times and feed them, I even left a photo so they could know who's who. Miss Peachy and Sandie being the most difficult to keep straight. They're so close in color even we can mistake them on a quick glance.
I'm glad to say they made it through the week, we could tell they were a little stressed by having their routine changed and not having us around for sure, but at least they got to stay at home together.
So now all is back to normal, everything is right in the world again for My Three Doxsons.

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