Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Goodbye Sweet Peaches

 With a heavy heart, I must announce the passing of Miss Peachy. A dog of indomitable spirit, who came to us as a tiny, timid little dog that somehow turned into a force within our doxie family never to be forgotten. She will always be my golden girl. When we first got her she was very timid, didn't like men, Which my husband took personally, him being the dog warden for our town, figures to be a dog whisperer. He did win her over with patience.

She learned to be a more self-confidant dog and really came into her own with our older standard dachshund, Watson who was a great, good natured dog. He was a excellent teacher and mentor.
Eventually Foozeball came along and we really had our own pack, and in time Miss Peaches would be the leader of the pack. A confident and strong presence that others, that came along would look to.
With the passing of Watson, Peachy was truly the leader at this point, there was no doubt about it. After a while my quest for a dapple dachshund with different color eyes was realized when Spaatz was added to the pack. He was a puppy, and learned the ropes from Peachy. He would challenge her from time to time, but for a long time was told in plain language to back down and wait your turn.
For about three years this was the makeup of the pack, and Miss Peach was there keeping the boys in line. She is unfortunately known for killing snakes in the garden. Going as far one day to bring one in the kitchen while trying to dispatch it. She inspired Spaatz to be the great hunter dog he is today.
Eventually, dachshunds happen, and My Three Doxsons ended up being my four dachshunds because a little dog that would come to be known as Sandie needed to be rescued. We went to see her, and when we did we brought along Peachy to make sure there wouldn't be a problem between them. Peach gave her the paws up and another dog would learn the joys of being a dachshund under Miss Peachy.
That was seven years ago. Over the past 14 years there have been, of course, many highs and lows in the lives of our pack members. We knew that this day was coming. We could see her slow down greatly, and eventually be a shadow of her former self. We made the call I know was right. To be honest, it all went as well as I could hope under all the circumstances. For her and us. We are sad now that she is gone, I cried when I saw the water dish outside that she liked so much despite her poor vision making it hard to find, but so glad that the other dogs are here, still being wonderful and silly and lifting us up. Doggies lives shine so bright, and they bring that to us everyday, I wouldn't trade any of it for not missing her now. She was wonderful, and I will treasure her memories always.
Love you baby

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