Sunday, February 7, 2021

My Right Hand Man

 Spaatz is my right hand man, literally. He is nearly always by my side, next to me, on my lap, sleeps at night with his head on my shoulder. If I let out a big sigh, he does it too. Which makes me laugh.What's really crazy is that he will be 11 years old this year. Where has the time gone? Seems like not too long ago he was a little puppy who was a bit of a jerk and I wasn't too sure about. I confess the reason I got him, sight unseen was a cosmetic one. That blue eye. I wanted a dachshund with different color eyes. Dachshunds are a breed of infinite coat color and fur type and even eye color combinations.

That makes an already fun breed to have so many possibilities. The different coat types even have different personalities. I do love the wire hairs so much, they are more laid back than smoothies, a utility dog, into hunting. That said, Spaatz lives to hunt. It may be that he grew up with Miss Peaches, my golden girl wire. She taught him well, and carries on without her, keeping us safe from vermin.
Dachshunds are known for their devotion, and Spaatz decided I am his person and I find it rather touching. We currently have 3 dachshunds, Spaatz being my hero, Sandie who loves my husband and he is her person, though she gives her love to me as well. Foozeball is a bit of a weirdo, who seems to love the heating vent more than anything else, but after supper he NEEDS me to sit down somewhere so he can sit on my lap. Otherwise he will sit on my foot, or attach himself to my ankle.
Spaatz has been so great during the pandemic to have by my side. My pack is an endless source of love and entertainment. Probably a couple of the most needed things in the time of this, hopefully, once in a century plague. I am so grateful to have them, and look forward to many more good times with them.
Miss Peaches, Sandie, Spaatz and Foozeball

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