Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post Muskrat Showdown

So the dogs are healing well since the Muskrat Showdown. I am very happy about this, don't need anymore vet bills. Foozeball's back also seems to be improving, that's a huge relief. I told my daughter, sister and mother the tale. My Mom said " I hope they learned something from this". I said "yeah, that sure was heck of a lot of fun, can we do it again tommorow". The one photo shows the two wounded hunters looking for the next critter. I am sure glad Jerry was home to dispatch the muskrat, it would have been a little rough for me to do. I can kill bugs easily enough, but when you start to increase in size and add fur I get out of my element. I can bake a pie or decorate a cake without looking. I make or create, not destoy. If it meant my dogs safety I would find a way. Think mother bear.

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