Saturday, February 25, 2012

Foozeball The Red

I thought today I would just mention Foozeball, who is a really sweet dog. We got him from the SPCA. My husband Jerry who has been the Dog Control Officer for our town for 10 years now was bringing strays to the SPCA at the time and they had acquired a red doxie named Georgie. They held it for him because we were Dachshund people. At the time we had Watson and Peaches. He said he wasn't even going to look at it. Then there came a day when he had to bring a stray up there and of course he looked at the dog. Then he brought him home for me to meet him. Well that was it, he never went back. He was a crazy pup when he arrived. We were discussing names, I thought something to go with Watson, maybe Sherlock or Hudson. Marlena, being the teenager she was said that was stupid and we should think of something else. I said as this dog was running around the house like crazy,"then why don't we call him Foozeball because that's what he's like". That was it, no more suggestions needed. I spell it differently because thats just me. He has many nicknames, Fooze, Foozer, Foozy-B, Foober, Foob, Foo, B, he comes to them all. He was so crazy when we got him, especially when Peachy was in heat and he wasn't fixed yet. It was averted, but she did have a false pregnancy where her breasts got bigger. We were worried, but nothing happened. Everyone has since been fixed. Now Fooze is the best behaved of the three, always first back to the house, great on a walk, which gives me hope for Spaatz as he matures. He's still an instigator with the barking, but all around a great boy.

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