Friday, February 24, 2012

The Royal Protector of Shoes

Watson had this thing about shoes. He really liked them a lot. I sure it has to do with smell, but one thing for sure it was a job that he took very seriously. He would guard our shoes, he would sleep on top of our shoes and if anyone got close he would growl earnestly. I mean I could get my shoes from him, but anyone else but us, forget it. I always said that we should hide the valuables in our shoes because Watson was vigilant about the shoes.  
We used to visit my parents on Cape Cod often. One day Jerry and I were out and my parents were going to go for a walk. Upon going to the closet to get their shoes a growling noise emanated from inside. This growling would only increase with any attempt to remove shoes from the closet.Fortunately mom and dad knew of Watson's quirk and found this kind of amusing. They would just go for a walk later. They were dog lovers too. I honestly don't think Watson would hurt anyone, but he put on a good show. He had found a job he thought needed doing, he was self employed.                       

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