Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't let that sweet face fool you

Miss Peachy may look sweet and innocent, but she's actually a little killer. And now that she has Spaatz as backup the critters better watch out. She's always on patrol, on lookout. Last year she killed three snakes she found in the garden. This year not only did she tangle with a muskrat (which she required some human assistance with, plus medical attention) but she has gotten her first snake of the year, and a house sparrow, and it still March. Its a long hunting season. She is still a really sweet girl that I love to no end. She has just embraced her inner Dachshund, I think the wirehairs tend to do this the most. I must give Spaatz a lot of credit for being a smoothie he certainly is game. Fooze can take it or leave it, the hunting bit. If there's a critter about, sure, but he's not gonna go look for it.

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