Saturday, March 31, 2012

Energizer Doggie

Spaatz is truly the energizer doggie. I will take the dogs for a long walk and when we get back Peaches is belly up on the tile floor next to the water bowl. Spaatz wants to run after squirrels in the backyard or is tugging on my pants to get me to throw his toy. He also can very destructive with toys. I once asked the manager at Petco what kind of warranty they had on a "supposed" tough toy. She asked what kind of dog I had, I replied "Dachshund". She laughed at me. I have a bag of shredded toys, the teeth on this dog are like razors. He's chewed through 4 nylon leashes, in the blink of an eye. I must give him a little credit though, I got him a snake toy for Christmas, it had 3 squeakers in it. Its really rough looking, but 3 months later it still has 1 squeaker left. Its a record for him.
Belly Up

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