Sunday, March 25, 2012

Foozeball's New Shirt

Foozies got a new shirt. He used to wear shirts all the time. It all started when we got him from the SPCA. He had this rash that he would scratch and lick at all the time under his armpits of his front legs. He would make it rough and irritated. So I had him wear a shirt, treating the skin underneath. It worked great and he stopped itching at it and the skin got better. We were able eventually to take the shirt off for a long while. Just recently he started scratching again, perhaps something with the warm weather. He needed a new shirt because Spaatz destroyed his old polo's when he was wearing them. That's just Spaatz, destuctoboy. Anyway Fooze is looking pretty dapper in his new shirt so I had him stand in the garden and look sweet for me.

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