Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drabble and the Dachshund snout

The dachshund snout is a powerful tool, no doubt about that. The other important trait is the determination of those little guys. Never underestimate it. I usually don't, but one gets careless at times. I had to go out to the store, so I took the usual precautions to "dachshund-proof " the house. You know, closing doors to certain rooms, putting garbage cans up that might prove tempting. They never touch them when I'm around, but soon as I leave certain parties can't control themselves. I am their conscience, when I leave, dogs will play. So I left, thinking that all was secure, but I had forgotten about some Christmas cookies which I had left on the dinning room table. Most were in hard plastic containers, except the peanut butter ones were in a bag. OMG! the peanut butter cookies. I might as well have left a steak on the floor. Later on I hadn't realize they were missing until I wanted one, I asked my husband "did you take the peanut butter cookies?" He said he hadn't. He then discovered what was left of the bag the cookies had been in, shredded, not a crumb to be seen. I wasn't mad at them, I shouldn't leave such things on the table, and- very important, a chair pulled out enough for an agile little dog to jump up and pursue his quarry, the elusive chewy peanut butter cookie. Probably about 20 of them. What I really wish is that I had set up a camera to record the event. Who's idea was this? 3 out of the 4 dogs could jump up, although Spaatz is by far the best jumper. Then what happened? Was it a free for all? Did Peaches get any? She's not able to jump up like the others. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.
Did you ever see such innocent looking dogs?

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