Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Light at the End of the Dachshund

Foozie the golden boy
I'm happy to say there may be light at the end of winter. I can now see bear ground where the dachshund trails were dug around the yard and soon the doggies and I will be out for walkies again. It's been a tough one, not only has there been so much snow on the ground but, it's been stinkin cold. Foozie here, is known
to be quite the sun worshipper , here going to the lengths of getting up on the paper shredder to be in the only sunny spot in the room in the afternoon. He did step on the button a couple of times which didn't seem to alarm him, but he did end up knocking it over, sending paper shreds flying and finding himself straddling the overturned shredder bucket and the open desk drawer next to it. He needed a rescue at that point. All in a days work in the life of a dachshund.

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