Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Drabble knows his dachshund- Wally

close to home
 Naturally Wally got up early because we turned the clocks back. Well, it's been the same thing here too. Spaatz and Foozie especially. I find myself kinda awake too because we're used to the dogs eating and going out and back to bed. So I'm awake, and my bladder is full, and there's a dachshund standing on me adding to the pressure. I'm not waiting any longer, their tummy alarm went off and I gotta go.
Eventually we'll all adjust to the new time. It never ceases to amaze how accurate their tummy clocks are to the minute. Like the other day I was in the kitchen making a cheesecake and they were just watching and waiting. Then all of the sudden Miss Peach comes up to me and gives me the look, and sure enough, it's 5 o'clock on the nose. This happens all the time, a body clock accurate to the minute.

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