Friday, March 2, 2012

The Muffin Man

I have to admit the dogs sleep with us.Watson would sleep with us only occasionally, he would sleep on the couch at the foot of our bed and would join us in the morning. He was a standard sized Dachshund and an extra large standard as it was so he took up a bit of room. Plus he would snore. Nothing is better than laying in bed and not being able to sleep because not only is your husband snoring, but the dog is cutting some serious wood too.I'm not quite sure exactly how it happened, Marlena always had Peach sleep with her and there were a couple of occasions she was away and she ended up sleeping with me. Flash forward I now have 3 Dachshunds all packed around me. Spaatz and Fooze may start next to Jerry but they end up next to me. I'm quite used to it now, just last weekend Jerry was away in Florida to see his mom and our kids, I was real glad to have them near. I know that many small breed owners and specifically Dachshund owners sleep with their dogs. I'm not worried about some non-dog lover reading this and thinking I'm weird. They wouldn't read this anyway. Getting back to the title theme, I know the behavior patterns of these dogs very well, as they do mine. Sometimes I try to deviate from the regular schedule of things gets them a little miffed. So the other morning Spaatz gets up and goes in the kitchen, this usually means he's gone for a drink of water and will be right back. Some time elapses, then I'm really starting to wonder, what is he into. I call him, no Spaatz. I call him again, still nothing. Then I call him with the I'm serious tone of voice, finally I hear the toenails coming, he hops up on the couch then over the end onto the bed. He seems to be still chewing something. I say to him "what have you been eating?", feeling pretty confident that there isn't any food laying about. I smell his breath, blueberry muffins! I said to Jerry "how could his breath smell like blueberry muffins?". He thinks briefly, there was a muffin in my coat pocket. Aha! not anymore. Spaatz went out for water, but his sensitive nose got him a bonus. Meanwhile Fooze had gone out to take care of any crumbs. They consumed the whole muffin, almost the whole paper wrapper, but left the plastic well cleaned. Note to self- If your going to leave food in your pockets in a house with dogs at least hang your coat up.

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