Monday, March 5, 2012

Is It Spring yet?

I know its been a mild winter so I shouldn't complain, but its also to the point where I'm just ready for the cold weather to be over. The dogs aren't quite so picky, especially Peaches with her woolly wire hair coat. Fooze is probably the least fond of cold, preferring to dart out quickly, do what he has to and get back inside. Spaatz doesn't seem to concern himself which such things because there is probably something outside that needs to be hunted down no matter what the temperature outside. He really isn't really that concerned about rain, which is unusual for Dachshunds, Watson could hold it for days if it was raining.
But since I will be holding the leashes some real Spring would be nice. I unfortunately don't have the best place to walk the dogs. our road is busy and in some places very little shoulder to walk on. Once I get us down our road to a neighborhood where its one lane each direction with a wide median its much nicer. Lately its the wind that's the biggest thing to deal with. Cuts right through you. Anyway I took the dogs for a ride in the car and that was so exciting there all shot now sleeping int the sun. I'll try to do a little workout and we'll get out there another day.Please enjoy a video of a walk from last year, what you can't see is that my husband is walking ahead of us dragging some trash he found on the roadside so they're trying to keep up

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